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Welcome to Saloinha Fried Potatoes.

As Instalações   The quality policy of the company has as main goal the client satisfaction; achieved by the excellence of the products with the Saloinha brand and by a good support in the deliveries and in the post-sell service.

 The concept of client satisfaction includes the guarantee of hygiene and the promise of a traditional product ally to the biggest quality demands. Saloinha wants to continue with the innovation philosophy, always respecting the most demanding norms of European industrial production.

   Of the constant concern in balance the virtues of the tradition with the benefits of the modernity, the company invests in innovation, without forgetting the know-how of the persons involved. The team that integrates Saloinha assures continuously a control that allows identifying and evaluating the factors that directly influence the quality security of the ingredients used in the products of the brand

  Saloinha together with theirs associates, formulating the systematic planning to identify, evaluate the factors that directly influence the security, so that it guaranties the food security in manufacturing our products.

  Although, our mission is costumer and consumers maximum satisfaction, seeking constantly to improve the quality level of our products and answering effectively the industrial challenges constantly mutating.

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Espaço Digital, Lda 2005
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