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  Saloinha’s history

   Saloinha was established in 1981 as a bakery. By 1988 we had started frying and packing potato chips (crisps). Which thanks to this gamble has gone from strength to strength and now represents around 90% of our total business. This winning bet, allows a strong and fast growth of the company that chooses to change installations to give a better answer to the growing market solicitations.

Saloinha´s very modern factory is equipped with the latest most advanced technology for potato frying, allowing us to handle a capacity of around ten thousand tons of potatos a year.
Despite the constant search for new national partners, A Saloinha is now preparing for the conquest of foreign markets.

Our main objectives are to maintain our client´s trust while continuing to open new markets. The companies´ policy is to watch for market changes within Portugal and adapt where necessary, always with the aim of improving quality and service through our marketing teams. We are currently expanding our horizons to conquering foreign markets. Our business philosophy can be summarized as, "Being aware of market changes and adapting with the help of our sales teams to meet the new demands required of us and, above all, maintain the demanding standards in quality."

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